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Join us as we get together with other veterans to have a fun time of socializing and creating works of art.

You don't want to miss this chance to win bragging rights as one of the city's top Veteran Art Challenger of the year.

We are looking for Veterans that will rise to the challenge...maybe even show off you art in the Celebration of Valor  Art Exhibition this year!

Not to sure about being in the challenge then come out and have fun while helping to select a winner.

Three different art challenges will take place. There will also be refreshments, swag, and prizes awarded.

Save the date: October 18th
Time: 9am -12 noon
Location: 431 University  Blvd N
More info to follow...
<![CDATA[Calling All Veterans]]>Fri, 23 Sep 2022 07:13:15 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/calling-all-veterans
We are accepting your works of art to display in this year's celebration of our local Veterans. In the city of Jacksonville for the Celebration of Valor 2022:

Contact us for more details and to submit your art today for the upcoming exhibition Nov 7-13, 2022.

<![CDATA[The Show Offs]]>Thu, 04 Aug 2022 23:15:47 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/the-show-offsMany drivers came to show off their toys however only 44 registered... There were over 350 people that turned out to help kick-off this wonderful event. It is always a great thing when the veterans get together and this time they brought their families with them. Here are a few of the Show Offs that showed up.
<![CDATA[Vet Center 1st Annual Auto Show]]>Fri, 22 Jul 2022 16:23:58 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/vet-center-1st-annual-auto-showThis was an exciting event hosted by the Jacksonville Veterans Readjustment Center. It provided a fun time for veterans as well as their families and friends. There was a wonderful array of automobiles of display  with an award going to the best in show!

​Games, a health fair, and painting sessions to fill the day. Of couse lots of vendors with plenty of SWAG for everyone!

Here are a few paintings from the Auto Show. It was truely a fun filled day for all and we are excited about next year's Auto Show...
<![CDATA[Valentine's Day Van Gogh style]]>Thu, 10 Feb 2022 19:49:12 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/valentines-day-van-gogh-styleWe found a cute wood frame just in time for Valentine's Day. We had a relaxingly wonderful time experimenting with acrylic paints on the wood. It was a bit different than painting on canvas but it still yielded some great results. We gave it a little twist by adding a bit of chalkboard paint... Now this tribute to Van Gogh's Bearded Irises has a place to write a little note to it!
<![CDATA[Military Spouse Night 2022]]>Thu, 27 Jan 2022 17:48:02 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/military-spouse-night-2022
 The city of Jacksonville Florida is hosting its 4th annual night of events in appreciation for local military spouses. Many local vendors join together to express their appreciation for the contributions made by the spouses of our service members. It is a time of sharing and pampering you do not want to miss so please sign up now as the event day is fast approaching. We will be participating in this event thanks to our partnership with VyStar and the Duval Council so hope to see you there!!!
<![CDATA[No Shell Game!]]>Mon, 07 Jun 2021 04:00:00 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/no-shell-gameCheck out these gorgeous shells! It is hard to believe that they are oyster shells. One thing is true and that is that this is no game but they are now pieces of art (3 fish and a turtle)!!!
<![CDATA[Crafty Dish]]>Tue, 01 Jun 2021 22:30:00 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/crafty-dishNicely done flowerpot. This little flowerpot has become a multi-use item. It can not only be used as a flowerpot but it can be a pencil holder or just a work of art...but wait it is also a message board so you can put cheerful messages on it as well!
<![CDATA[Inspired Paintings]]>Mon, 24 May 2021 22:00:00 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/inspired-paintingsA few veterans were inspired to paint similar subjects using a some of the techniques they learned while participating in our sessions. The results are moving, thought provoking, an remarkable!
<![CDATA[A Nice Day for a Ride]]>Mon, 03 May 2021 04:00:00 GMThttps://helpingthroughthearts.org/session-blog/a-nice-day-for-a-rideWe had fun and a trip down memory lane doing these cycles